Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract

On Top Fruit

SM6 is an extra strong seaweed extract with at least 30% w/v soluble seaweed solids which contain macro nutrients, trace elements and plant growth stimuli. The natural plant stimulants contained in SM6 encourage many plant growth processes including :-

Cell division   Protein synthesis   Chlorophyll production

These natural stimulants are especially useful when the tree is under stress. Regular applications of SM6 enable the tree to maximise its photosynthetic capacity and make full use of available sunlight, water and nutrients. The use of SM6 has shown to be complementary to biological control practices, its use being in line with the thinking of environmentalists and consumers. Crop effects after using SM6 include :-

Improved Rooting             Improved fruit set and fruit bud formation
Limited frost protection            Improved colour and skin texture
Heavier yields of uniform fruit    Better keeping qualities
Improved resistance to attacks of fungi and insects

Recent research at Portsmouth University by Professor Blunden with seaweed has shown that Betaines, one group of stimulants present in soluble seaweed solids, are active at very low content levels.

Application Rates and Timing

Experience has shown that the optimum times for using SM6 are as follows:

  • Green bud 1.4 lt/ha}
  • Pink/white bud 1.4 lt/ha} Ideally in 220/440 lt water
  • Early flowering 1.4 lt/ha}
  • Petal fall/early fruit set 1.4 lt/ha}

1.4-2.8 lt/ha post harvest will delay leaf senescence and encourage healthy bud formation.

Pre Planting Dips

Dipping roots of young trees prior to planting has a beneficial effect on establishment and growth by encouraging root development. Mix a solution 1 part SM6 to 200 parts water.

Technical Handbook

For those interested in how and why seaweed extracts work, ask for a copy of our technical handbook

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