*Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract & flowers

Some Practical Experience

Greenhouse grower in Channel Isles

Producing Freesias, Anenomes and Carnations, this grower uses Chase SM6 seaweed extract to ensure quality plants with good flower colour. It is applied through the trickle irrigation system, alternating with nutrient feeds. Sunflowers have also been grown for cut flowers, leaving out Nitrogen to avoid excessive height. Regular use of SM6 gave strong healthy plants despite the lack of nitrogen.

Ornamentals and bedding plants in Channel Isles

This grower applies SM6 with fungicides, 2-3 applications per crop. He comments ‘SM6 helps keep the plants healthy with less disease. It strengthens the plants, toning them up and improving their overall appearance’.

Herbaceous plants UK

This world renowned shrub and herbaceous plant grower has a large demonstration garden. Some 15 years ago there were a number of plant health problems which have progressively been remedied largely through regularly using a combination of seaweed meal and SM6. Whenever new shrubs are planted, or herbaceous plants are divided and replanted, they are watered in with diluted SM6, irrespective of weather conditions. “I’ll admit it looks a bit odd to visitors when they see me watering in the rain! For the last ten years we have had this as an established routine and the garden looks better than ever each year.”

*SM6 Seaweed Extract can also be used to advantage on a wide range of horticultural and agricultural crops.




SM6 & Flowers – Some Practical Experience