Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract and Onions

The key to success with onions, as with all crops, is uninterrupted healthy growth. It has been shown that plants reacting to various forms of stress become more susceptible to pest and disease attacks. Diseases such as Downy Mildew and Botrytis can seriously affect onion yields both at harvest and subsequently after storage.

Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract is manufactured using a chemical-free aqueous process and contains 30% seaweed solids. It acts as a plant growth stimulant and the active ingredients, notably betaines, promote and encourage healthy plants enabling crops to better withstand pest and disease attacks. This is especially important in organic growing systems where restriction of inputs complicates disease control. Where SM6 has been used in such systems, disease management has been impressive. This could be attributed to the fact that regular use has maintained a good quality leaf wax which in turn has reduced disease entry, particularly towards the end of the season when Downy Mildew can be a major problem.

SM6 can also be beneficial in a conventional growing system where regular use of chemical inputs can damage leaf wax. SM6 will mix with most fungicides but if in doubt about compatibility consult your distributor or the manufacturer concerned.

It is generally accepted that seaweed extracts are best applied on a ‘little and often’ basis through the crop life. However there are stages in a crop’s life when extracts can be particularly effective and 2.75lt/ha at the 6 leaf stage followed by another 2.75lt 4 weeks later are recommended. Trials data has shown these applications increased both yield and quality. After six months storage the overall bulb quality was excellent and those treated with SM6 showed improved bulb brightness and skin thickness.

SM6 can be mixed with most fungicides and trials have shown that this can have beneficial effects. If in doubt about compatibility consult your distributor or the manufacturer concerned.

Application Rates

2.75 lt/ha at 6 leaf stage and a further 2.75 lt 4 weeks later, in 220-440 lt/ha water. When adopting the ‘little and often’ basis with more than four applications then the rate could be reduced to 1-1.4 lt/ha.

For optimum results do not spray in the middle of the day during hot, sunny periods. SM6 Seaweed Extract


Seaweed Extract and Onions