Chase SM6 – Via Trickle Irrigation Systems

Although seaweed extracts are traditionally applied to the crop foliage, it has long been recognised that there are beneficial effects when they are applied to plant roots. In early research work materials were often applied as drenches, allowing for responses from both foliage and roots but more recently extracts have been shown to work in hydroponic systems, applied directly to the roots. *

As the commercial use of ‘fertigation’ systems increase so we find that growers are including SM6 in their programmes, usually on a ‘little and often’ basis. SM6 may be used through trickle irrigation systems using the crop rates and timings recommended for foliar applications, either separately or included with regular feed applications. The dilution rate should not be more concentrated than 1 in 200 and it is recommended that the SM6 is applied half way through the watering programme and the line is flushed out after application.

APPLICATION RATES (Total 5.5lt / ha )


2 lt/ha at tuber initiation or tubers 25mm (subject to cropping system)
1.5 lt/ha two weeks later, then two further applications of 1lt/ha at seven day intervals


2 lt/ha after transplanting or 5-6 leaf stage
1.5 lt/ha two weeks later then two further applications 1 lt/ha at two week intervals

Top Fruit

2 lt/ha at green bud stage, 1.5 lt/ha at pink/white bud, 1lt/ha early flowering and
1 lt/ha at petal fall / early fruit set

Soft Fruit

2 lt/ha as growth commences in the spring,1.5 lt/ha two weeks later and two further applications 1 lt/ha at fourteen day intervals

* Ask for our technical handbook on seaweed extracts

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