Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract
Bulb Onion Trial (1990)

Site: Arthur Rickwood EHS ( Agent for M of A )
Treatment: SM6 3lt/ha x 2, applied 15 May (1st true leaf) and 18 June.
Both applications were incorporated with Manganese Sulphate which was also applied to the control plots.



Yield Tonne / Ha

Two applications of SM6 increased total yield and proportion of over 50mm onions. After six month’s storage, the bulb quality was excellent and those bulbs treated with SM6 were better in terms of bulb brightness and skin thickness.

Financial Results (2012 prices):

Assuming £260 per tonne for onions greater than 50mm and £130 per tonne for those smaller, then SM6 gave an increase on return over the average control of approximately £434 per hectare.



Chase SM6 – Bulb Onion Trial