Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract
Kumara (Sweet Potato) Trial

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Dargaville. New Zealand 2006/2007SM6 Seaweed Extract
A small scale trial to observe the effects of Chase SM6 on Kumara.
Planted on 3/11/2006, spacing 30” x 14”.
SM6 applied on 6/11/2006 at 2.8lt/ha as a drench treatment.
SM6 applied on 3/1/2007 at 2.8lt/ha in 500lt/ha water as a foliar spray. Trial digs were made on 15/3/2007, two sites were selected by the grower in the treated and untreated areas, and in each three plants were dug and the tubers weighed and graded.


As well as greater total weight from the plants treated with SM6, their root structure was visually better and tuber numbers increased. This latter response would be expected in potatoes treated with SM6 but the grower had thought that it would not affect kumara tuber numbers.

SM6 can be mixed with most fungicides and trials have shown that this can have beneficial effects. If in doubt about compatibility consult your distributor or the manufacturer concerned.

Application Rates

2.75 lt/ha at 6 leaf stage and a further 2.75 lt 4 weeks later, in 220-440 lt/ha water. When adopting the ‘little and often’ basis with more than four applications then the rate could be reduced to 1-1.4 lt/ha.
For optimum results do not spray in the middle of the day during hot, sunny periods.


Kumara (Sweet Potato) Trial