Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract
Trial on Grass Dargaville New Zealand

SM6 Seaweed Extract
A uniform 5ha paddock which had been limed and fertilised to maintenance standards was split in two. On 23rd October one half was sprayed with 3lt/ha Chase SM6 in 100 litres water using a CDA sprayer. The grass had been well grazed down and was dew moist at spraying. Grass growth was good and the paddock was left to make hay. Although little difference could be seen, when the grass was cut at the end of January there was a significant difference, even allowing for variation between areas. The untreated area yielded 338 bales, the treated area 452, a 33% increase!


While one could not expect to obtain this level of increase as a norm, it does confirm a frequently reported fact about seaweed extracts, namely that yield responses can occur even when there is no immediate visual evidence. It would seem that the Chase SM6 is encouraging healthy growth, particularly in the roots, improving nutrient uptake and thus boosting yields. One further piece of anecdotal evidence is that when applied to clover leys SM6 definitely improves clover establishment.


Apply Chase SM6 to grass when growth commences, mixing with other nutrient sprays can have a synergistic effect,as is illustrated by the following report from an organic farmer and consultant:

‘Organic pastures were sprayed spring and autumn with a mixture of 4lt fish emulsion and 1lt SM6 in 500lts per ha.of water. No NPK, either liquid or granulated was applied. The results have been excellent, stimulating both the grass and microbial activity in the soil. Both the grasses and herbs showed an excellent amino acid profile which benefit the grazing animals health. The grass growth is very balanced and no stress symptoms occurred during dry and/or cold and wet periods, reflecting the presence of deep rooting plants in a healthy soil.’