Water Shortage – Plant Stress

In many areas water has become a ‘scarce resource’ sometimes limiting the possibilities of crop irrigation. It is known that spraying with seaweed extracts can help plants which are under forms of stress, in particular drought conditions. Frequent anecdotal evidence on this subject led to an experiment using transplanted lettuce. Plants were raised in modules and were drenched either with water or a 1 in 100 solution of SM3*, 7 days before transplanting into pots. All treatments were watered prior to planting. Subsequently 50% of plants continued to be watered, the remaining were not.


The plants treated with SM3 not only improved in vigour initially but also initially withstood the drought conditions significantly better than the untreated control.

It is likely that this crop response is caused by the betaines in SM3. Betaines are modified amino acids known to have an effect on water transport within the plant. Research workers in Hungary studying maize concluded that “Betaines have a role in overcoming stress conditions”. Other research has shown that treatments with seaweed extract can significantly increase root mass enabling the plant to maximise limited water resources.

*For commercial use we now recommend using the more concentrated SM6 which would be diluted at 1 in 200.

SM6 Seaweed Extract
Plant Growth Stimulant



Water Shortage – Plant Stress