Chase Blend 14 Seaweed for Animals is balanced nutritional supplement containing a wide range of minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins in a form that is easily assimilated. Made purely from washed, dried and milled seaweed, it improves health, fertility and productivity and the immune system. By increasing the microfloral activity in the intestine, it also aids digestion and helps the animal make the most of its feed.

Research has shown that a low daily dosage of seaweed will give cumulative benefits over time, but there is no risk of adverse effects if these doses are exceeded. Blend 14 is the ideal feed supplement whether the animals are being produced for organic or conventional markets.

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Analysis: As a natural product the analysis may vary but typical samples will contain the following:

Major Components:

Protein 6 – 9% Calcium 1 – 2%
Salt 3 – 6% Sulphur 3 – 6%
Magnesium 0.5 – 1% Fat 1 – 3%
Fibre 6 – 10% Potassium 2 – 3%
Iodine 700 – 1000 ppm

Vitamins and Amino Acids:

Vitamins present include A, C, D, E, K and the B complex. Up to twenty amino acids are also found including Cystine, Glycine, Histidine, Leucine, Ornithine, Thyrosine and Valine.

Trace Elements:

A very wide range of trace elements have been identified in seaweed including Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper, Iron, Boron and Zinc.

Blend 14 for Cattle

Regular use will improve general health, help maximise milk production, feed conversion and fertility. The response to Blend 14 is especially obvious if grass conditions are poor, however even the best pastures can suffer from sub-clinical trace element deficiencies which Blend 14 will help counteract.

Brazilian trials have shown an improved feed conversion rate whilst in Kenya, milk production was increased and general health much improved. Within the UK a pedigree breeder noted that his ‘cattle are looking extremely well, achieving 100% conception, 100% live calves and the copper deficiency has disappeared’.

1-6 month old calves 5g per day
6+ months and adults 10g per day
Concentrates incorporate 6kg per tonne

Blend 14 for Goats and Sheep

Many of the benefits seen with cattle also apply to goats and sheep. Fertility can be improved and the natural bloom to seaweed meal means better quality wool as well as increased quantity. (In Finland Blend 14 is fed to fur bearing animals precisely because it improves fur quality.) Balancing the diet is particularly important for goats and those producing an organic standard find Blend 14 an invaluable aid.

Trials in Australia showed that lambs on poor pasture were able to make better use of available food when given Blend 14 to the extent that their weight gain was twice that of the control. Regular feeding with Blend 14 was also found to increase the non-fat solids in goats milk.

Sheeps and Goats 5g per day

Blend 14 for Pigs

Apart from general health benefits, Blend 14 can also improve litter numbers and feed conversion rate. In Australia users have reported larger litter numbers, heavier weight at birth and no ‘runts’.

Breeding Sows 9g per day
Fatteners 7g per day
Compounds incorporate 6kg per tonne

Blend 14 for Poultry

Has been shown to increase the economic laying life of hens and maintain high production for a longer period (USA). The carotene and xanthophylls present in seaweed will improve egg yolk colour naturally and the eggshell will also be stronger (Finland). Trials in Chile have also shown increased egg production, increased fertility from breeders and improved mortality rates from broilers. A leading turkey producer in Brazil has been able to significantly reduce the time to maturity by including Blend 14 in the birds feed.

Dosage: incorporate 6kg per tonne

Pack size: 25kg bag