SM3 Seaweed ExtractProduct information

Chase SM3, introduced in 1958 and containing 15% Seaweed solids was originally called Sea Magic – it worked wonders for plants but in those days nobody knew why! Now, thanks to our ongoing research, we know it contains natural plant growth stimulants and a range of trace elements, combining to promote strong healthy plants which are very ‘efficient’ in their uptake of nutrients, – you can actually make savings on other fertilisers. Also, plants grown with SM3 have been shown in trials to be less susceptible to pest and disease attack.

Reasons and benefits to use Chase SM3 seaweed extract

  • VEGETABLES – Better quality and higher yield, extended harvest period
  • FLOWERS – Good growth and colours
  • LAWNS – Better wear and improved colour
  • FRUIT – Enhanced colour, quality and bud formation
  • CUTTINGS – Dip in 1 to 100 solution before planting to stimulate a strong root system
  • ECONOMY – SM3 is used at less than half the rate of some other brands sold to gardeners!


Why Chase SM3 seaweed extract is so beneficial to gardeners

Farmers around the world use our seaweed extract to increase crop yield and quality. They consider the cost of applying it is a sensible investment!

In the garden, the same is true; Chase SM3 will give you healthier plants and more food on the table at harvest time.

There’s a lot of science and research behind how it works and Chase SM3 seaweed extract is natural, certified organic and soil association approved!  Simply apply with a watering can or sprayer at regular intervals, diluting 10ml SM3 in 4.5 litres of water.

You can purchase Chase SM3 seaweed extract via Suttons website.

Chase SM3 seaweed extract contains certified PURE seaweed solids

SM3 Soil Association ApprovedThe certified PURE seaweed solids in a liquid seaweed product are the vital link when assessing and comparing products. The ability of the product to provide beneficial results when used at recommended application rates is linked to the plant growth stimulant content which is in turn linked to the solids content.

There are a number of liquid seaweed products in the market place and care should be taken to relate price to quality and proven ability:- Chase SM3 contains certified PURE seaweed solids.

When choosing your organic seaweed buying certified products with a quality reputation and a good historical reputation will ensure you get the very best results.